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User Testimonials*


User Testimonials*

  • Cathryn Adams (Complete Skincare Soap)

    I love the soap, I’m lucky enough to have soft skin, but when I use this amazing product I don’t get itchy from clothes, weather or anything keep making it I started using it when it first become available.”

  • Alvin Wong – Mild Psoriasis

    “Just started to use the Psoriasis Dermatitis & Rashes Creams, it seems to be working very well”

  • Peggy Chao – Minor Wounds & Burns

    “Minor wounds and burns cream. Carry it everywhere with my active toddler.”

  • Ken Cantle – Mild Psoriasis

    “I just have to devise a method of doing my back. Thank you for everything. I will be ordering more of it shortly and would recommend it to all and sundry.”

  • Zac Dilena – Mild Psoriasis

    “I’ve just started using McArthur Skincare Psoriasis Cream on my elbows and I’m stoked with the results I’m getting. I’d definitely recommend this product for anyone. Now bring on Summer!!!”

  • Patricia Perkins – Mild Arthritis

    “I have suffered pain and inflammation in my back, shoulders and joints. Your arthritis cream gave me relief. I only have to apply the cream lightly.”

  • Nadia (Complete Skincare Cream)

    “I have counted how many creams this magical product has replaced and I am embarrassed to say that I stopped counting at 30. I am telling anyone that will listen because it not only worked for me but also my 19 year old daughter and hubby uses it as well. Keep up the great work and please hurry with the bulk options”

  • Jacquiline (Gentle Cream Cleanser)

    I have mature combination skin and I have been using the Gentle Facial Cleanser for a month. I am amazed every time by the smooth creamy touch of the cleanser upon my skin. The cleanser removes all traces of make up, leaving my skin moisturized, radiant and silky soft. It is truly a pleasure to use. My teenage son has also been using the Foaming Facial Cleaner for a month. The cleanser smells refreshing, produces a rich lather and is very effective in controlling the oil on his face. His acne has improved and he feels squeaky clean.

    Mother and son are very happy with your products

  • Lisa (Foaming Facial Cleanser)

    Foaming facial cleanser works well and it doesn’t leave pores clogged at all!

  • Shirley Wagorn (Gentle Cream Cleanser)

    “I have tried both. I really like the feel of both and they make your face feel lovely. I will purhcase the Gentle Cream Cleanser again as my favourite though!”

  * Displayed testimonials have been supplied freely by actual consumers and users of our product range, presented without change or embellishment and displayed in the format received. Actual results may vary for individual users when using these products.