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Therapeutic Testimonials*

  • Susan Gass – Psoriasis, Dermatisis & Rashes Cream

    “Very good, I have used it since it’s introduction. Works extremely well.”

  • Siu Ling Hui – Psoriasis, Dermatitis & Rashes Cream

    “The Psoriasis, Dermatitis & Rashes Cream is wonderful! It helped to relieve an annoying rash. Total convert to McArthur Skincare products!”

  • Malcolm Taylor – Wounds & Burns Cream

    “I have numerous topical skin wounds from being a farmer. Using your Wounds & Burns Cream I have gained considerable relief.”

  • Sue Norton – Arthritis Cream

    “I love your Arthritis cream – It works to help provide pain relief and does not have a stinky smell :)”

  • Elly – Eczema Cream

    “My eczema is a lot better using your eczema cream. This cream really helped!! The products are great.”

  • Ayumi Bird – Eczema Cream

    “This is my story of McArthur Skincare Eczema Cream. My son is 2 years old and has eczema. Last November my auntie recommended to use McArthur Skincare Eczema Cream. Guess what happened? After 7 days we saw a big improvement. I wish I had found your cream earlier!”

  • Carol McKenna – Wounds & Burns Cream

    “This cream works on minor burns. Took the pain away.”

  • Yvonne Kada – Wounds & Burns Cream

    “I have been using McArthur Skincare products for some years now and would not use anything else. I suffer with some skin irritations and the Wounds & Burns Cream is brilliant.”

  • Lucy Maloney – Mild Eczema

    “I’ve had eczema come and go on my hand for about a year and I tried your eczema cream for the first time yesterday. I only use a teeny bit so it will last a long time. So glad I discovered you! Highly recommended by me.”

  • Cheryl Milne – Mild Arthritis

    “I have just started your Arthritis cream on my hands and I am very pleased with the results.”

  * Displayed testimonials have been supplied freely by actual consumers and users of our product range, presented without change or embellishment and displayed in the format received. Actual results may vary for individual users when using these products.
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