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Therapeutic Testimonials*

  • Yvonne Kada – Wounds & Burns Cream

    “I have been using McArthur Skincare products for some years now and would not use anything else. I suffer with some skin irritations and the Wounds & Burns Cream is brilliant.”

  • Alan O’Donoghue – Wounds & Burns Cream & Hydrating Facial Cream

    “I have used the Wounds & Burns cream in the past & have had consistent results where skin burn pain goes away very quickly without leaving skin peal when clearing up.”

  • TeAnne Pantony – Arthritis Cream

    “I love the Arthritis cream. Great on my knees.”

  • Myszka Brudnicka – Eczema Cream

    “My eczema is almost gone after using your cream for 2 months.”

  • Amanda Cinanni – Minor Burn

    “I recently received a minor oven burn on my hand and I am impressed with how the McArthur Burns and Wounds Cream quickened the healing process.”

  • Joanne Consalvo – Mild Eczema

    “I have used the McArthur Skincare Eczema Cream on my 14 month for the last 2 months. Very happy with the results. Still has some ongoing problem areas in the folds behind his knees but they are not as angry as they were before.”

  • Marilyn Toohey – Eczema Cream

    “The Eczema Cream I have found to be a great product that helps to relieve the itch of uncomfortable heat rash.”

  • Brian Halliday – Muscle Aches & Pain Cream

    “I have used McArthur Natural Product, ‘Muscle Aches & Pain Cream’ for a period of time and find that the product soothes my mild aches and pain, where required. I recommend the cream.”

  • Lucy Maloney – Mild Eczema

    “I’ve had eczema come and go on my hand for about a year and I tried your eczema cream for the first time yesterday. I only use a teeny bit so it will last a long time. So glad I discovered you! Highly recommended by me.”

  • Cheryl Milne – Mild Arthritis

    “I have just started your Arthritis cream on my hands and I am very pleased with the results.”

  * Displayed testimonials have been supplied freely by actual consumers and users of our product range, presented without change or embellishment and displayed in the format received. Actual results may vary for individual users when using these products.
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