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User Testimonials*

  • Kia (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “This facial cream is beautiful to use. Fast absorbing and leaving the skin so smooth, it’s lovely. And a little bit does go a long way.” – 02/03/13

  • Allison (Complete Skincare Cream)

    “My skin is glowing and looks the best it has in years!! No one can believe I’m forty. Highly recommend it.” – 03/01/13

  • Kathy (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “I just adore the facial cream and have dumped all my other facial crèmes as this is so much better than anything I’ve used before. Many thanks…” 12/03/13

  • Pat (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “Just love the McArthur Skincare’s Facial Cream, has improved skin colour by reducing redness and also minimising wrinkles” – 01/02/13

  • Dee (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “When I use this Facial Cream, My skin feels soft and smooth, like the moisture is locked in for the whole day. You do not need much of it. In comparison to other products on the market, it is extremely economical” – 03/05/13

  • Christine (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “I love, love, love the face cream. So light and non-greasy.” 12/12/13

  • Christine (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “I have only been using the face cream for approx. three weeks but so far, I am very pleased. Just like the Skin Cream which I use on my hands and feet, it leaves my skin feeling soft and in my opinion looking just that little bit younger. I thought it may be too heavy for my skin, but that is not the case at all. It is readily absorbed and surprisingly goes a long way. I am pleased with the value as well as the results and am about to buy my 2nd tub so as to have it on hand when the first one is finished. “ 04/02/13

  • Marion (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “I have been using the face cream now for at least 12 months it has helped my fine lines plus makes my face look radiant (I have been told this by family friends and people I work with). Love it. Thank you.” – 10/05/13

  • Tony (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “I have been trying over the years many different facial crème’s but with little shown in the results on my skin, until this product came along. Very quickly my wife was amazed as to how smooth and clear my face looked. I highly recommend this product.”

  • Linda (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “Hi, I am a 40 year old female from Mt Isa. Mt Isa is a mining town so you can imagine the harsh conditions we can endure. My daughter is 18 years old – we have both been using the face cream you supplied for a month – we would both have to say it is an excellent product. My face is so soft and has less redness in it, it just makes my skin look terrific – it also irons wrinkles out.”

  * Displayed testimonials have been supplied freely by actual consumers and users of our product range, presented without change or embellishment and displayed in the format received. Actual results may vary for individual users when using these products.
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