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» » Replenishing Shampoo 250ml – $25.95

Replenishing Shampoo 250ml – $25.95



Replenishing Shampoo (250ml) - $25.95

Want a replenishing shampoo and natural hair treatment that gives you healthy, shiny hair?

Looking to restore damaged hair, defriz or detangle, or deal with hair that’s unmanageable? McArthur Skincare's Pawpaw-based Replenishing Shampoo provides a shampoo containing natural ingredients that gently cleanses and replenishes providing healthy manageable hair.

Containing 10% McArthur Pawpaw Extract™, this indulgent replenishing shampoo can aid in rehydrating and restoring the hair’s natural shine and beauty and is suitable for all hair types and everyday use.

At McArthur Skincare, we are dedicated to helping you feel and look your best naturally. Our McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ harnesses the special properties of Pawpaw (Papaya, Papaw) in a concentrated form and is in all our hair care products.

McArthur Skincare's Replenishing Shampoo uses natural active ingredients to help restore your hair.

McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ is manufactured exclusively by us.

Main active ingredient: Pawpaw (Papaya, Papaw). McArthur Skincare's Replenishing Shampoo also includes ingredients derived from Coconut and Citrus Fruits.

What we refuse to use

  • McArthur Skincare's provides a Money Back Guarantee.Sulphates: These are, in general, drying ingredients found in many shampoos.
  • Parabens: A chemical often used as a preservative to inhibit bacterial growth. Parabens copy body hormones.

Putting it simply, we want to create an effective shampoo that can restore difficult or damaged hair

At McArthur Skincare, our team is dedicated to creating products that use natural active ingredients. We stand by our products because we have seen the positive effects of their daily use.

McArthur Skincare's Replenishing Shampoo has been formulated to help you manage difficult or damaged hair or hair that’s lacking natural shine.

There’s no need to live with hair problems when you can use McArthur Skincare's Replenishing Shampoo to help manage, defrizz, untangle, and restore your hair to health and shine using a formulation which is based on natural ingredients.

Replenishing Shampoo 250ml – $25.95

All products in the McArthur Skincare range are formulated with natural ingredients.

Please keep McArthur Skincare's Replenishing Shampoo stored at a temperature that’s under 30° Celsius.

Purified water

Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate
Plant derived natural wetting and foaming agent

Carica Papaya fruit extract
McArthur Pawpaw Extract – our own unique active extract derived from Pawpaw

Sodium Chloride
Common table salt, sodium chloride is used as a thickener

Coco Betaine
Gentle foaming cleanser derived from coconut

Derived from corn this hydrates and moisturises the skin

Panthenol is “Vitamin B5” derived from rice, can aid in maintaining a healthy scalp and improves the condition and appearance of the hair

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein
A moisturizing and conditioning protein derived from whole wheat

Guar Hydroxyproyl Trimonium Chloride
Derived from the guar bean, this is a great natural hair thickener and detangler

Citric Acid
Derived from citrus fruits, citric acid balances the pH of the product

Glyceryl Oleate
Non-irritating skin conditioner and moisturiser derived from olive oil and glycerine

Levulinic Acid
Natural preservative and skin conditioning agent derived from rice

Sodium Levulinate
Natural preservative and skin conditioning agent derived from levulinic acid

Used to maintain the moisture in the skin

Sodium Benzoate
Due to the high percentage of active ingredients in our products, we have chosen to use a food grade preservative approved for use in certified organic cosmetics to maintain the integrity of the products

Bamboo fragrance that is low allergenic and suitable for the most sensitive of skin

McArthur Skincare's Replenishing Shampoo Natural Ingredients


    Replenishing Shampoo

    1. Apply a small amount of replenishing shampoo to wet hair.
    2. Gently massage into hair and scalp to create a lather.
    3. Leave on hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.
    4. For best results, follow with McArthur Skincare's Replenishing Conditioner.
    5. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.


    “I ran into a friend a couple of days ago and I commented on her lushious locks…. and guess what she uses all your products with a 10/10 recommendation, you can’t get any better than that, she has no more dandruff and her hair looks super shiny, being a hairdresser it’s hard to get away from all those shampoos with nasties in, but I would love to give a go, especially on my son…” – 03/05/13

    Kylie (Shampoo and Conditioner)

    “LOVE LOVE LOVE the new body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I used them last night and was very impressed. My hair, which is normally quite coarse is lovely and soft.” – 24/04/2013

    Pat (Bodywash, Shampoo and Conditioner)

    “Gave my daughter the new shampoo and conditioner to sample and after using it this week her hair is looking great.” – 10/01/2013

    Kerry (Shampoo and Conditioner)

    “Hi, I have recently bought the new Product you introduced, that is the Replenishing Shampoo, conditioner and Body wash.Its amazing ,after only one single use I noticed my hair is not ‘dry’ anymore. Now I use it daily. Now I use all Shampoo, soap and facial cream too. Totally love them.” – 10/05/2013

    Bee (Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash)
Greg Kay