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» » Complete Skincare Soap (3 bars) – $19.95

Complete Skincare Soap (3 bars) – $19.95



Complete Skincare Soap (3 bars) - $19.95

Deep cleanse with the built-in moisturising action of McArthur Skincare's Complete Skincare Soap

Containing a generous concentration of 20% McArthur Pawpaw Extract™, McArthur Skincare's Complete Skincare Soap uses the power of Pawpaw (Papaya, Papaw) to gently cleanse, rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin to leave your skin feeling soft, moisturised and smooth. For a feeling of a real silky fresh clean on your skin, you probably can’t find anything better than this soap bar. It is suitable as an everyday cleanser all over the body, including the face. This unique pawpaw soap is often used in conjunction with McArthur Skincare's skincare and facial creams. Why you can rely on our products:
  • McArthur Skincare provides a Money Back Guarantee.Contain high concentrations of natural active ingredients
  • Contain NO petrochemicals, parabens or added sulphates
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Proudly made in Australia

Our Complete Skincare Soap is hand made with care

McArthur Skincare's Complete Skincare Soap is a gentle and effective cleanser that’s hand made in a careful process in our factory in Queensland. Handmade in a slow process that retains the effectiveness of its natural ingredients, our Complete Skincare Soap has a uniquely silky texture and contains no sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens or propylene glycol. McArthur Skincare's Complete Skincare Soap is handmade in our factory in Queensland, Australia. Initially the soap goes through a special process that enables us to incorporate 20% of our unique McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ and lavender oil into the soap blend, adding specific proportions of olive oil, vegetable oil and lye. This unique blend is poured into moulds and left to gently cool until the process is complete and the soap is solid. It is then removed from the moulds and left to cure for around 8 weeks on drying racks. All stages of this soap making process are closely monitored. Created to give a gentle but thorough cleanse all over the body including the face, McArthur Skincare's Complete Skincare Soap combines a high concentration of McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ and natural oils to produce a unique handmade soap that’s long lasting and effective at cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.

Complete Skincare Soap (3 bars) – $19.95

All products in the McArthur Skincare range use natural ingredients.

Please keep McArthur Skincare's Complete Skincare Soap stored at a temperature below 30° Celsius.

Olive Oil
Oil extracted from the olive from the Olea Europea tree that provides a mild, rich moisturising effect.

Carica papaya fruit extract
McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ – our own specialised active extract derived from Pawpaw

Vegetable Oil
From sustainable plantations. Restores the skin’s balance and slows the loss of water from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface

Saponified sodium hydroxide, a traditional soap making ingredient

Lavender Oil
Essential oil derived from the Lavender plant. Has a beautiful scent and assists in rejuvenating the skin.

McArthur Skincare's Complete Skincare Soap Natural Ingredients


    Complete Skincare Soap

    1. Wet soap and lather over face, hands and body.
    2. For problem areas, leave lather on for 1-3 minutes before rinsing.
    3. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.


    “Hello again, just to let you know, with all the other moisturisers I have used, this soap is the best and it does work. My son’s skin is so smooth now, I have recommended this to family and friends, and will be reordering soon.” 10/05/2013

    Tia (Soap)

    “I love the cream and soap keep up the excellent work thank you so much.” – 10/05/2013

    Beverley (Complete Skincare Cream and Soap)

    “This is the best product ive used ive only tried the soap ive been useing iy for about 6months and it works wonders even got my partner useing it now! Would highly reccomend it .. I am sure the other products are just as good il continue to purchase the soap nd when i have some spare money will definatly be trying the creams .. Thank yu for yur amazeing product :)” – 19/05/2012

    Ellecia (Soap)

    “I don’t usually use soap on my face but I thought I would try it. WOW! how good is it! I started using it twice a day on my face and leave it on for about 5 minutes then rinse it off. I have only been using it for 5 days and already I can see the improvement of my skin. My face looks fresher and feels much smoother and both my daughters have told me I look the best I have for a long time, (they didn’t know I was using your soap). I love the silky feel of the soap and the light perfume smell is just lovely. This is an excellent product which I will continue to use. You have my full support for the good work you are doing, and speaking to you, I know that you are committed to make your products as good as they can possibly be.” – 14/06/2012

    Marlene (Soap)