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McArthur Skincare Affiliate Program

McArthur Skincare Affiliate Program

Welcome to the McArthur Skincare Affiliate Program

You’ll find everything you need to recommend us to your friends and social media followers to earn 10% commission.

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If you qualify for our program, we’ll supply you with your own custom Affiliate Code, which is a coupon code you can promote where you can offer to your friends and followers a discount off the standard online retail pricing for all products in our online store. This is great for your use in offline marketing campaigns or on Instagram. (Discount can not be used in conjunction with other offer codes, and doesn’t include shipping charges).

Your affiliate Referral Link is just for you to ‘Tell a Friend’. All you have to do is make sure when you recommend us to your followers on social media posts, in emails, banners or links from your website or blog, or in print campaigns, that you always use this dedicated custom referral link. This will ensure that all referral traffic is attributed correctly to you, to enable you to earn commissions on sales completed from the people you refer to our website.

We have compiled a collection of Marketing Materials in your Affiliate Program Dashboard to assist you to promote your affiliate link, by sharing the prepared emails, social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or placing the supplied banner images for posts on Instagram and other channels or displaying these on your website or blog. When used with your custom affiliate Referral Link each referrer is measured and sales attributed to your affiliate account.

We pay you for promoting our brand! Affiliate Payments are made by us one month after the purchase date. You will receive commissions for multiple purchases when referrals buy more than once from us, even if they are a previous consumer of ours. You will earn commission from a referral for up to three-months after the initial visit. Your affiliate email, which you use to create your Affiliate Program Account is the same email address which we’ll use for PayPal to send your commission payments to.

Upon registering your email address, we’ll set your affiliate account up and send you information on how to access the program.

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Participation in the McArthur Skincare Affiliate Program is subject to our McArthur Skincare Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

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