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McArthur Natural Products (paw paw cream products) Tom McArthur Pty Ltd brand change

McArthur Natural Products ( T/A Tom McArthur Pty Ltd was founded in 2010 in the Australian health care and cosmetic industry launching initially with the flagship product, the McArthur Natural Products Complete Skincare Cream, a natural skincare blend formulated with the highest concentration of Australian paw paw extract in a cream, our very own trademarked McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ which is within all our skincare and hair care products.

In January 2017 the company has rebranded and shortened our name to represent what we do, and so are now called McArthur Skincare (

Our logo has been refreshed for the new branding and focused on the love heart shape within the paw paw, to reflect the loving care and wellness benefits from our paw paw skincare range, as well as the positivity and joy experienced by our customers.

The evolution of the McArthur Natural Products (paw paw cream products) Tom McArthur -> McArthur Skincare logos

The website has been fully updated and is now at with this new domain name.

Our social media channels have also all been updated to reflect a consistent brand experience across all our channels.

Now of course, not everything could happen at all the one time, so the new brand refresh will be progressively rolled out across 2017 with the next production runs sporting our new tube and packaging designs, reflecting the change in name and logo. So, McArthur Natural Products will continue to exist instore on shelf, until new orders update the stock transition. At the same time, new marketing material will be made available to all leading pharmacies and health food stores who currently stock our range throughout Australia, to help educate and inform consumers of the brand refresh.

Further exciting news in June 2017, is that McArthur Skincare has now been acquired by Australian publicly listed company Skin Elements Limited (ABN 80 110 352 424) T/A SE Operations Pty Ltd, the makers of the Soleo Organics Natural Sunscreen, Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics and Natralox. We will be significantly increasing the visibility of the McArthur Skincare brand locally and overseas with the support of Skin Elements.

McArthur Skincare today

McArthur Skincare is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, founded in 2010, within the health care and cosmetic industries. With a range of sixteen products, McArthur Skincare has an online consumer direct store, and is stocked at all good pharmacies and health food stores Australia wide, as well as being available in the UK, USA and China.

At McArthur Skincare we refined McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ enabling us to create the only cream with 60% Pawpaw extract concentration.

The McArthur Skincare range of skin, body and hair care products all contain our unique McArthur Pawpaw Extract™.

All of our products outline on their front label the percentage of our Pawpaw extract in them. This enables an easy comparison to discover that the products from McArthur Skincare have higher concentrations of Pawpaw extract in creams than any other Pawpaw skincare brands.

It was in the remote rainforests of Borneo that the co-founder of McArthur Skincare first encountered the incredible soothing powers of Pawpaw (Carica Papaya, Papaw) when he observed local villagers using paw paw on their skin.

Various cultures around the world have known about paw paw for centuries. The ancient Mayans called it the “Tree of Life”.

Paw paw has extremely high levels of vitamins A, C and E, antioxidants and enzymes.

At McArthur Skincare we were determined to harness the special properties of Pawpaw in cosmetic skincare products for the benefit of everyone. The enzyme-rich Pawpaw in McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ is excellent for cleansing and soothing, ensuring smoother, clearer, more supple skin, from the use of our beauty products.

Our Therapeutic range of products are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and each contain high concentrations of natural active ingredients traditionally used in herbal medicine, namely, Aloe Vera, Chickweed, Arnica and Chamomile. With therapeutic products remember to always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

What we refuse to use:
• Petrochemicals come from petroleum and may be found in petroleum jellies and waxes. These are non-organic substances that act as a barrier.
• Sulphates: These are generally drying ingredients.
• Parabens: A chemical often used as a preservative to inhibit bacterial growth.

We are proud that we have customers reporting their delight with the therapeutic and cosmetic products in the McArthur Skincare range. We have a very active Facebook page where our consumers interact and leave their feedback, as well as a collection of written testimonials received from consumers covering each of our products in the range.

We are so confident in our product range that we offer consumers a Money Back Guarantee, should they not be satisfied with the results. This is great encouragement for consumers to try our product out and fall in love with our brand.

Individual information on each product, along with the product description, storage conditions, ingredients, applications and further testimonials are available on the website.

Our customer’s wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. If you would like to know more about our range, or give us feedback on any of our products, we would love to hear from you.

Matt Lynch