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Dermatitis - itchy irritated skin, inflammation, allergy, red rash

Dermatitis - itchy irritated skin, inflammation, allergy, red rashDermatitis is a common skin inflammation, usually red and itchy, often tender or swollen, sometimes stinging, burning or tingling, with skin lesions such as blisters that may ooze, weep, crust over or flake off – an allergic rash is a typical form of dermatitis and may be caused by a wide range of substances.

There are many types of dermatitis and an allergy rash is a typical sign. The various forms and red rash of dermatitis, are not contagious.

Dermatitis can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Examples of dermatitis include atopic dermatitis and dandruff, or irritated skin caused by contact with many types of substances – such as soap or jewellery containing nickel. The cause of atopic dermatitis is not clear, but it is thought to affect your skin’s ability to retain moisture and hence your skin becomes itchy and easily irritated.