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Cosmetic Testimonials*

  • Beverley (Complete Skincare Cream and Soap)

    “I love the cream and soap keep up the excellent work thank you so much.” – 10/05/2013

  • Ellecia (Soap)

    “This is the best product ive used ive only tried the soap ive been useing iy for about 6months and it works wonders even got my partner useing it now! Would highly reccomend it .. I am sure the other products are just as good il continue to purchase the soap nd when i have some spare money will definatly be trying the creams .. Thank yu for yur amazeing product :)” – 19/05/2012

  • Marlene (Soap)

    “I don’t usually use soap on my face but I thought I would try it. WOW! how good is it! I started using it twice a day on my face and leave it on for about 5 minutes then rinse it off. I have only been using it for 5 days and already I can see the improvement of my skin. My face looks fresher and feels much smoother and both my daughters have told me I look the best I have for a long time, (they didn’t know I was using your soap). I love the silky feel of the soap and the light perfume smell is just lovely. This is an excellent product which I will continue to use. You have my full support for the good work you are doing, and speaking to you, I know that you are committed to make your products as good as they can possibly be.” – 14/06/2012

  • Chris (Complete Skincare Cream)

    “I have been using your cream as a facial moisturizer for the last 6 months and it is the best product that I have ever used…” – 04/08/2012

  • Paul (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “Please allow me to give you some further feedback please. Applying the cream on a daily basis has eradicated 50% of my wrinkles on my face. This is not an over statement as my wife is starting to use it and that’s a real endorsement. My daughters tease me that I’ve had a facelift lol.” 23/08/13

  • Kia (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “This facial cream is beautiful to use. Fast absorbing and leaving the skin so smooth, it’s lovely. And a little bit does go a long way.” – 02/03/13

  • Allison (Complete Skincare Cream)

    “My skin is glowing and looks the best it has in years!! No one can believe I’m forty. Highly recommend it.” – 03/01/13

  • Kathy (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “I just adore the facial cream and have dumped all my other facial crèmes as this is so much better than anything I’ve used before. Many thanks…” 12/03/13

  • Pat (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “Just love the McArthur Skincare’s Facial Cream, has improved skin colour by reducing redness and also minimising wrinkles” – 01/02/13

  • Dee (Hydrating Facial Cream)

    “When I use this Facial Cream, My skin feels soft and smooth, like the moisture is locked in for the whole day. You do not need much of it. In comparison to other products on the market, it is extremely economical” – 03/05/13

  * Displayed testimonials have been supplied freely by actual consumers and users of our product range, presented without change or embellishment and displayed in the format received. Actual results may vary for individual users when using these products.