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About PawPaw - and McArthur Pawpaw Extract™

McArthur Skincare use high percentages of the concentrated McArthur Pawpaw Extract™ which is derived from the fruit of the Pawpaw tree. Our Pawpaw supply is sourced from the tropical areas of Queensland where they flourish in Queensland’s rain and sunshine.

Papayas (Pawpaw, Papaw) need the right conditions and climate to achieve vigorous healthy growth.

Pawpaw throughout history

Here’s some historical information on the Pawpaw (Papaya):

  • The first literary reference to Papayas (Pawpaws) dates back to 1526, when they were found and described by the Spanish chronicler Oviedo in the Caribbean coast of Colombia and Panama.
  • It is thought that Pawpaw originated in southern Mexico and neighbouring Central America, and that it was first cultivated in Mexico several centuries ago.
  • Pawpaw can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical countries in the continents of Australia, America, Africa and Asia.
  • It has been said that Christopher Columbus referred to papaya as the ‘fruit of the angels’.
  • In the USA, Pawpaw can be colloquially known as; Custard Apple, Poor Man’s Banana and Indiana Banana.